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As Our Stores are getting ready all over India and Due to Some Management Problems - 1- Delivering of books Can Take Time for Some Users. 2- Some Orders may not be Fulfilled in some regions, specially in Containment zones notified by Government of India.

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1- Old Editions Does Not Have Less Information than New One as New Edition Are the Reprinted Version of Old One with Minimal Changes. 2- Don't Care Our Team Always Match the Content of Old Edition with New One and Only Sell on Our Site If There Is No Change/ Minimal Change in Old Edition with Respect to New One. 3- Quality of Books Are Great and Well Maintained. New Editions Are Reprinted Version of Old Ones with Very Minimal Changes. Every Edition of Book Have Equally Amount of Knowledge and Content, If a Book Is Printed in 2015 or In 2020, They Both Have Equally Amount of Content, Questions and Information.

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Q-1. I Am Not Able to Find the Books Which I Want to Buy ? If You Are Not Able to Find the Books Which You Want to Buy Then Contact with Customer Care Through WhatsApp and Send Him the Name of The Book ( Optional : With A Photo of The Book ). Our Team Will Sort out The Problem and Will Send You the Link to Buy that Book. Q-2. You will Get Printed Copy If Product Is not available, On Your Consent ? 1 - If Order Is Not Available Then Our Team Will Ask You to Provide the Pdf of Your Product You Have Through WhatsApp If you Are Ready to Accept Printed & Binded Copy in Place of Book . 2 - Send the Pdf File . Wait at The Doorstep for Your Orders to Collect. For More Details Regarding Returning Policy, Cancelling Your Order, Order Processing Time. Please Visit Our F.A.Q Page.

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